Located between two continents, Turkey is a destination that will amaze you a lot. But if you have to choose between the calm of the countryside and the frenzy of the city during a turkey trip, prefer to see these Istanbul attractions. Istanbul is one of the many pearls of Turkey. You will quickly be dazzled by this land of contrast.

There are so many things to do in Istanbul. You cannot see them all in one trip; here are the top 10 places to visit in Istanbul Attractions. These are the main Istanbul attractions to visit, the places to visit definitely during your first stay in Istanbul.

1- The Grand Bazaar Istanbul: Turkey Trip

Istanbul Attractions

The Grand Bazaar is the largest indoor bazaar in the world and one of the main Istanbul attractions. The Grand Bazaar Istanbul has 21 gates, 58 streets, and 4000 shops. It is a great place for shopping in Istanbul. From antiquity to contemporary we find at the Grand Bazaar Istanbul everything, in a warm and fun atmosphere.

Opening hours and days of the Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Opening hours: Open Monday to Saturday 8:30 am to 7 pm

Closed: Sunday

Prices and tariffs entrance to the Grand Bazaar Istanbul:


2-  Istanbul Spice Market: Turkey Trip

Istanbul Attractions

The Egyptian Market with multiple varieties of spices, Confectionery, Oils, and specialties…. smell, taste, discover, and be amazed!

Opening times and days of the Istanbul Spice Market:

Opening: Open Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Closed: Sunday

Prices and entrance fees to the Istanbul Spice Market:


How to go to the Spice Market?

The Spice Market is located on the European side, next to the New Mosque, in front of the Eminönü pier.

3- Taksim Square,Istiklal Street: Istanbul Attractions

Istanbul Attractions

Place Taksim is a very symbolic and precious place in the eyes of the Istanbulites. In Taksim life goes on 24/24 and 7/7. Istanbul’s iconic Taksim Square is home to political battles. Protests always start from Taksim Square in Istanbul.

On the part leading to Istiklal Avenue from Taksim Square we find the monument dedicated to the Turkish Republic and a water pipeline division building from the 19th century, hence the name “ Taksim square ”, which means – division- in Arabic.

Istiklal Street is the most eminent street in Istanbul with its innumerable traders, street artists, nostalgic Tramway, bustling parallel streets, restaurants, churches. The evening is the silly nightlife of Istanbul in the pubs, bars, clubs, and restaurants of Mezzés.

How to get to Istiklal Street and Taksim Square?

Taksim Square is built on the European side; get off at Taksim metro station which opens directly onto Taksim Square.

4- The Princes’ Islands Istanbul: Turkey Trip

Istanbul Attractions

Go on a mini cruise to relax for a day in Istanbul. Organize a Mangal (barbecue), parties a promenade in a horse-drawn carriage, or by bike.

Come to the Princes’ Islands to stroll on one of the 9 islands of your choice and take the opportunity to swim, eat fish, a traditional ice cream, a waffle.

Discover beautiful Ottoman houses, very friendly inhabitants.

How to go to Iles Aux Princes Istanbul?

Take the boat from Kadiköy or Kabatas or Eminönü towards ADALAR (Les Iles Aux Princes).

5- Istanbul Bosphorus: Istanbul Attractions

Attractions in Istanbul

A boat trip on the Istanbul Bosphorus to discover both shores see sumptuous Ottoman Houses (Yali), suspension bridges, neighborhoods far from the center that you will not have time to see on foot, Ottoman Palaces.

An overview of Istanbul that only on the Bosphorus you can contemplate.

How to take a walk on the Bosphorus?

Many private boats or line boats leave from both shores: It is signposted “Tour Bosphorus”

6- Hagia Sophia: Istanbul Attractions

Attractions in Istanbul

From the many places of interest in Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia is an important stopover. This place alone sums up how the city is at the center of two worlds. Halfway between the West and the East. If once this antique basilica (for 916 years) with a sublime dome and amazing mosaics was a mosque (for 482 years), today it is a museum. Please note, it is closed on Mondays.


7- The Blue Mosque: Turkey Trip

Attractions in Istanbul

The Blue Mosque, so titled because of its broadly blue ceramics on its walls and domes, is situated opposite the Hagia Sophia. With its six minarets, it is one of the largest in the world. It is one of the monuments that must absolutely be part of your top 10 in Istanbul, one of the places to visit absolutely in Istanbul.

Note, there are many hotels where to sleep in Istanbul in the vicinity of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. This area is perfectly situated for visiting Istanbul without having to travel too much by public transport as many of Istanbul’s places of interest are within walking distance. You can discover many offers for stays in Istanbul from Private Travel, especially in this area.

8- Topkapi Palace: Turkey Trip

istanbul attractions

Topkapi Palace is very close to these last two Istanbul landmarks. It lies on the European side of the city. Sultans and their families stayed here and made decisions for the whole Ottoman Empire. By entering, you can visit the armory, the gardens, and the small mosque, the Tower of Justice or the Harem, and see the clothes of the sultans, their paintings, and the imperial treasure. And above all, the building offers an incredible view of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Bosphorus.


9- Suleymaniye Mosque: Istanbul Attractions

istanbul attractions

Among the places of interest in Istanbul is the Suleymaniye Mosque. This work by architect Sinan from Istanbul is located on a hill overlooking the Golden Horn. It has four minarets and includes a Koranic school, a religious college, a hospice, a hospital, a hammam, and mausoleums.

A magnificent mosque to visit during a stay in Istanbul!



10- The Galata Tower: Istanbul Attractions

istanbul attractions

Visit the Istanbul Galata Tower for an exceptional view. The Stambouliotes go to the district of Galata to discover its shops of arts, souvenirs, music, vintage, fashion design, and its restaurants, its cafes, it’s street vendors, its Jewish Museum, it’s Salt Museum of the Ottoman Bank. The Galata district is the Trendy District of Istanbul.

How to get to the Galata district of Istanbul?

Galata is a district on the European side, at the bottom of Istiklal Street. For those coming from the Asian side arriving at the Karaköy pier, from there you have to take the Tünel (small underground tram from a station) or you have to walk from the pier 10 minutes.

Turkey Trip: Eat Well During Your Stay

Visiting Istanbul without being interested in Turkish cuisine would be an entire part of your trip. Turkish cuisine is varied and some Turkish specialties are world-famous.

Istanbul is not the best city in the world to eat Turkish specialties?

During your visit to Istanbul, you will therefore have the opportunity to go to many restaurants, which are sometimes real institutions.

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