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After choosing and storing your travel backpack, depending on the length of your stay, it is essential to pack the right walking shoes for your trips. As much as the backpack, it is important to invest in a good pair of shoes according to your plans. If you are going to the south or to a big city in Europe, it is better to choose your shoes, especially if you plan to hurtle down the cities by walk, by bike, or go out in more chic places.

Here are 8 best walking shoes, to consider for your next trip!

1. High-Upper Hiking Shoes

walking shoes

These are the most common walking shoes used by hikers. They envelop the ankle and therefore help maintain stability. They are rather waterproof and protect the ankles from possible impacts with stones.

However, they have several drawbacks: they are relatively heavy, not very breathable, and take a long time to dry. As the shocks are almost no longer absorbed by the calves, they can affect the knees. In addition, in the long term, with the ankle being maintained, the ligaments end up losing their natural amplitude, which increases the risk of injury.

This type of shoe is therefore more suitable for occasional hikes than for long trips.

Main brands: Quechua, Merrell, The North Face, Columbia…

Our opinion: We do not recommend this type of shoe for going around the world unless your ankles are not trained (muscular) and you plan to do really technical treks.

2. Low-Cut Hiking Shoes

walking shoes

If you plan to do a lot of trekking on your round the world trip, you can opt for low, light, comfortable, and generally quite affordable walking shoes. They will be sufficient for long hikes on rough or slippery terrain and can also be used without problems in the city, although they are a bit heavy.

The main brands: Quechua, Merrell, The North Face, Columbia…

Our opinion: This type of shoe can be chosen for a long trip if you really plan to do technical treks and you don’t mind their look.

3. Trail Shoes

walking shoes

Originally, this type of walking shoes was made for long runs in the mountains. They’re halfway between low-cut hiking shoes and running shoes.

They are lighter and therefore easier to bring when you walk around in flip-flops. Their look, close to sneakers, is more versatile in the city. Finally, they offer sufficient grip and cushioning for long hikes.

The main brands: Salomon, Quechua, Adidas, Asics…

Our opinion: This is the most suitable type of shoe for a world tour if you plan to go trekking.

4. Sports Sneakers

walking shoes

These are “classic” running sneakers. They are generally very light and comfortable walking shoes. However, they may not withstand heavy use while traveling around the world. In addition, they do not have sufficient grip or rigidity for long mountain hikes.

The main brands: Nike, Adidas, Kalenji, Asics…

Our opinion: We do not recommend this type of shoe for traveling around the world.


5. City of Light Canvas Trainers

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Some travelers prefer to keep simple city trainers when they are abroad. They have the advantage of being really versatile, of not giving a too touristy look, and of being a little cooler for going out at night for them these are the best walking shoes.

It is possible to pack a pair of light sneakers in addition to your trail or walking shoes. You can also take it as a basic shoe if you are not a trekking addict.

The main brands: Adidas, Converse, New Balance…

Our opinion: This kind of shoe can be packed as an extra pair, for city trips and evenings. Select a model that is as light. If you really don’t like the glance of walking or trail running shoes, city trainers can double as your basic shoe, then select a durable model.

6. The Sandals

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Sandals are particularly suitable for very hot and humid climatic conditions, such as the monsoon. You will have wet feet. But, given the heat in the tropics, they will be dry very quickly as soon as the rain stops.Most tourists use these walking shoes.

Some models of hiking sandals, with their straps that hold the footwell and their notched sole, are ideal for walking on slightly uneven and little rocky terrain or in town. If you don’t mind walking in mud and having wet feet and you own the look, these can be a good option.

Undoubtedly for a question of esthetics, the women are more likely than the men (50% against 18%) to opt for sandals. They mostly opt for light sandals that can serve as everyday shoes.

The main brands: Merrell, Keen, Birkenstock…

Our opinion: This type of shoe is a good solution if you want to bring a third pair.

7. The Flipp-Flops

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Lightweight and compact, flip-flops are very pleasant in hot weather in town or at the beach as walking shoes. They are also very useful for shared or unhygienic showers. You will easily find them in the countries you visit. However, don’t hesitate to invest in a good brand, as the sole of low-end flip-flops settles very quickly and the straps break easily.

The main brands: Havaianas, Tribord, Roxy…

Our opinion: Flip-flops are essential! This is probably the pair you will use the most on your trip.

8. A Pair of Canvas Dress Shoes

walking shoes

On the plane, to visit little more chic places, to party in the city or for cult places, you will unfortunately not be able to walk around in flip-flops or sports shoes.

You must therefore bring a pair while limiting its size and weight because it is not the one you will use the most and it will therefore be most of the time in your backpack! Low canvas shoes will therefore do the trick and will be quite suitable everywhere…

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