Turkey Tour Guide

Tour Guide

1- When to go to Turkey?

The best times to visit Turkey are spring and autumn. The summer can be very hot depending on the region and the crowd of tourists is there.

2- The Climate in Turkey: Tour Guide

Turkey’s climate is influenced by its eastern location and the seas that surround it.

The summers are very hot and humid in some areas. As soon as you get away from the sea, they can be downright scorching.

At altitude, the nights are cool, however. On the Black Sea coast, the climate has almost tropical characteristics and the vegetation is very dense.

The winters are harsh inside, wetter on the coasts.

Take advantage of May and June, or September and October to discover the country in the best conditions, both climatic and economic.

3- Useful Information: Tour Guide

Know before departure:

Flight time: 3 hrs. (Depending upon your country)

Time zone: GMT +2

Visa required: yes

Mandatory vaccines: no

Currency: Turkish lira (TRY)

> Currency converter: 1 TRY = 0.1128 €

Language (s): Turkish


4- Why Go to Turkey?

Relaxation and leisure: 5/5

Culture and cities: 5/5

Nature and landscapes: 4/5

5- What are the Traditions?: Tour Guide

If you’re looking for authenticity on the Antalya side, head to the Kaleiçi district. Apart from this commercial dimension, it is in this district that the oldest houses in the city are located. With false airs of Roman villas, the architecture is ultimately that to be found throughout the Mediterranean.

The terraces overlooking the old port are veritable belvederes where it is very pleasant to spend time watching the incessant comings and goings of the boats heading towards the sumptuous Karpuzkaldiran falls.

In Kaleiçi, you will find most of the traditional Turkish products: tea, bitter orange, cherry, and pomegranate jams but also embroidered fabrics, traditional costumes, beauty products made from olive oil, etc.. In other words, Kaleiçi is a place that compulsive shoppers will appreciate. However, beware: many stores carry counterfeit branded items. If the prices are more than attractive, the bill can turn out to be steep if by bad luck the customs officers search you on your return…

6- What to See and do in Turkey?

Straddling two continents, Europe and Asia, Turkey goes far beyond the clichés that tourists expect: a country with many faces and an endearing population, it will seduce you in various ways.

Istanbul, vibrant and dynamic, modern and rich in history, already takes you into another world: the Hagia Sophia Cathedral, the famous Grand Bazaar, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace are obviously unmissable places.

The west coast, bathed by the Aegean Sea, is totally turned towards tourism, and you will find there, in addition to magnificent beaches, famous sites, vestiges of Antiquity: Ephesus, Troy, Bergama, for example.

Another region to discover, Cappadocia and its high plateaus located at an altitude of more than a thousand meters, its caves, and canyons, as well as its troglodyte villages and rock churches.

The coasts of Lycia, to the south, will satisfy lovers of wild coves and turquoise waters, and you can also discover ancient ruins in the heart of sumptuous steep landscapes.

In the center of the country, high up, is the city of Konya, with several beautiful mosques and a museum dedicated to whirling dervishes, the Mevlâna Museum.

7- Budget Guide: Tour Guide

Hotels (Price for a room for 2 people)


                                  Average Price             Range of price  

Inexpensive hotel           € 22                             15 to 35 €

Mid-range hotel              € 29                              22 to 42 €

Upscale hotel                  € 53                              5 to 141 €




                                                       Average price     Range of price        

Public transport: single ticket          € 0.24                0.2 to 0.3 €

Public transport: monthly pass        € 18.1                11 to 19 €

Unleaded gasoline (1 liter)               € 0.52                0.5 to 0.6 €

Taxi: pick-up (normal rate)                € 0.36               € 0.3 to € 0.4

Taxi: 1 km (normal rate)                    € 0.23               0.2 to 0.3 €

Taxi: 1 hour waiting (normal rate)     € 2.4                2 to 2.8 €

New Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Trend line € 7,334           € 6,205 to € 8,462

8- What to Eat?

If you are invited to a Turkish table, know that as long as you empty your plate, your host will fill it for you … When you are sated, leave your plate full, it will mean that you have eaten enough.

Known for good reason, Turkish cuisine consists of hot or cold appetizers, called mezze: cucumbers in yogurt, marinated mackerel, stuffed eggplants, Berek (puff pastry stuffed with cheese or meat). In addition to grilled meats, offered among other things in the form of kebab skewers, there is much fish. Bulgur or cracked wheat, rice, and the traditional tomato-cucumber salad are the main accompaniments. The countless pastries and sweets are excellent. Try first the baklava, puff pastry with honey and pistachios, Turkish delight, and rose jam. The national drinks are raki, a kind of anisette, as well as coffee and tea from the Black Sea.

9- What to Buy?

What could be better than the souks to bring back souvenirs? It is an excellent pretext to stroll in these bazaars where the atmosphere is incredible. The spices, the colors, the carpets … We fall into a world apart. If you are more into bringing back a trinket, just for a souvenir, then the souk is ideal for you. However, if you are very keen on quality and less on price, the stores will be more suitable.





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